Zane Barläs Expands to Women’s Clothing

Zane Barläs began from humble beginnings; founded in 2016 by Zane Barlas from his apartment, becoming a brand that has filled a gap in the industry. By combining traditional tailoring techniques and design with technology; all with affordability in mind, Zane Barläs is positioned in the fastest growing segment of the Canadian fashion houses.

Zane Barläs has reached several milestones, in a short amount of time; labelled as one of the standout collections of Fall/Winter by Vogue Italia, expanding its e-commerce platform globally and now, with their expansion into women’s fashion, they are proving to be a fashion force.

Barlas says; “There are several reasons to why we chose to branch out into clothing for women. Women’s fashion is fast, probably more creative, and certainly more demanding.”The women’s line has the same brand DNA as men’s but with its own unique energy.

Return of the female power suit

The female power suit has returned with full force. The step to branch out felt “natural” to Barläs, bringing the same quality, sophistication and design for women as it does for men. The interest from women for luxury tailored clothing at a reachable price is perennial.

Obviously, the women’s market is different, “I understand that the business approach to the women’s line may not be the same, however I strongly believe in maintaining the brand DNA. The results of our market research confirm it will be a challenging task; one that I am more than happy to take on.” Menswear is heavily focused on longevity, “classic” designs and functionality. Women’s fashion has slightly different interests. Zane Barläs’ line includes exceptionally high quality, tailored pieces that can be incorporated and styled in various ways.

Another challenge was the difference in sizing and tailoring. “Understanding the sizing of the suits and other garments was probably the bigger challenge.” Women’s fashion is filled with avant-garde silhouettes and separate pieces whereas men’s fashion is usually simply based on a military uniform. Despite the challenges, Zane Barläs has created a line that has something for every woman, regardless of style, shape and occasion.

Empowerment without compromise

When asked why he ventured into these challenges, Zane Barläs said; “One word. Empowerment. Whether it’s a job interview, giving an opening statement in a courtroom, night out or a holiday gathering, I want our customers to feel they have a strong presence in a room.” Inarguably, this has been achieved with a collection that ranges from suits, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses and more. These items will prove to be an extension of any woman’s confidence.

Zane Barläs has something for everybody; trendy pieces and traditional power suits. The exceptionally tailored suits, fearless style and practicality — the new line stays true to Zane Barläs in every possible way.

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