Oasis - A Runway Presentation

Along the hypnotizing white dunes of the desert, there is a vision on the rise. This is where fantasies flutter and float; a place where the spirit is as optimistic as the body. A dream-world on a sea of sand, a place uninhabited in nature, yet, you have men of purpose.

For the Zane Barlas Spring Summer collection, the Toronto-based brand trekked to the warmest climate of the Middle East to team with renowned Fashion Editor, Danyl Geneciran for an Arabian inspired shoot in the Sahara Desert of Dubai.

"We wanted to do something that has not yet been done in Toronto, while, at the same time, illustrating the concept of going 'into the unknown'," says Designer Zane Barlas.

And the result, other than strikingly handsome suits by the dozens, is equal parts human allure and otherworldly charm, as herringbone vests and linen suits flit through clear sands.

To not know the quality or kind of the thing, and yet to want it deeply: that is the essential fascination of mystery, that which keeps us yearning and searching. May the answer always lie out there, somewhere in the desert; or in the more familiar place like the new Zane Barlas Spring Summer collection.



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