The Industry - A Runway Presentation

Like a rough sea, Zane Barlas brings you in its crashing waves and drowns you in the grittiness of post-war England. There are no flashy suits and silk shirts. This is in the heart of England’s industrial revolution.

There’s a poise about Zane Barlas this season, subtle confidence that lurks beneath his tweed and flannel attire designed for Britain’s inclement weather and the harsh circumstances of the 1920s. While stateside men’s fashion was known for its panache and bold sartorialism, Barlas’ insipid blend of monochromatic apparel hits a home run because of its timeless appeal and because he uses clothing in a way that makes you revere him.

Known for his uniquely dapper style, he wears a lot of tweed in the city, mostly as a three-piece suit or without a coat but a waistcoat, but only occasionally with a tie knot. Barlas isn’t alone, however. His comrades are equally dapper with heavier wool suits with single cuff, detachable collar suits which were more typically worn for business.


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