Our Sustainability Promise

We’ll be the first to admit that fashion isn’t the most conscious of industries. The move towards fast fashion is impacting our planet in ways that we, as a collective, could not have envisioned. As a fashion brand, we feel a particular responsibility to make changes today, to help tomorrow.

We feel a sense of responsibility that, as much as we cater towards making our customers feel empowered, our planet should remain strong too. For this reason, we have taken steps to ensure that our clothes are eco-friendly.

We use world-renowned fabric mills; whose ethos revolve around protecting and defending the environment. The fabric that we use and the companies that we work with adopt responsible attitudes, that adhere to any policies and regulations, and ultimately preserve the environment, rather than destroying. Overall, we are continually taking steps to improve our environmental impact — something that we believe more fashion brands should lean towards doing.

Taking steps towards decreasing our environmental footprint also works both ways. As a fundamental sustainability issue revolves around fast fashion, with consumers buying more and discarding more we have tried to tackle this too.

Our clothes are timeless and of the highest quality. They are pieces meant to be kept in your collection for years, tailored without compromise, with a magical fusion of contemporary and classical. No matter the occasion, you will shine every single time.

With the combination of sustainable materials and ever-lasting designs, we believe we’ve created a fashion line that encourages every wearer to be more conscious. As a fashion label, we would love to see the industry find a systematic and ethical approach to embrace people’s love for fashion and well-designed clothing.

In short, we are proud to be a part of the sustainable fashion movement.

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