Zane Barlas FW16 Runway Show

Meet the New Oxford At Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Oxford Suits are usually reserved for Cambridge types with multiple framed papers on their walls; rich in legacy and family heirlooms. Stuffy and preppy in nature, their style is conservative and leaves little room for the imagination but you need to meet Zane Barlas, a Canadian designer who has perfected the $500 suit at TOMFW.

In a show filled with pomp and circumstance, Zane Barlas collection of made to measure suits are the perfect remedy for the classic guy. Zane’s, suits are built from traditional wools and oxford fabrics which make a traditional look feel more casual. Decorated with pinstripes, polka dots and texture, the navy, black, brown and sometime grey combinations even though meant to be business attire work handsomely for after work socials.

For a guy who regularly spends $500 on suits and dress shoes, the price of these hand crafted pieces are the perfect way to compliment my wardrobe and ensure an athletic fit at the same time. Perhaps it’s time to book an appointment at their local shop; Chelsea Boots on foot to see if I can get that bespoke feeling.

Navy Double Breast Suit

Brown Cashmere wool suit

Check White Yellow Suit

Teal Green Double Breast Suit

Cobalt Royal Blue Suit

Navy Windowpane coat jacket

Grey business suit

Designer Zane Barlas


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