Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer

Under his eponymous label, Zane has created a world that integrates the past and the present: made-to-measure suits constructed with Neapolitan tailoring techniques are available for purchase online, without the need to visit a tailor.

Deriving from a financial background at Bay Street, the world of suiting was nothing new for Zane. The sartorial nature of the field, in combination with his travels, stands to reason why Zane Barläs has become a definitive label amongst the many growing tailors in Canada. Like individuals who cherish pieces in their wardrobe for nostalgic reasons, Zane channels the memories of his journeys across North America, Europe, and the Middle East into his designs. However, there is one exception: unlike those nostalgic pieces that remain stagnant in the back of one’s closet, Zane has ensured to create suits that are as wearable in Riyadh’s hot climate as they are worn in the streets of Toronto’s Financial District.

Since establishing his label in 2014, he held his first runway presentation in Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, earning the attention of Vogue Italia and labeling it as one of the standout collections of Fall/Winter 2016.