Public Relations

Zane Barlas is one of the most rapidly growing sartorial fashion brand. Our ultimate goal is to make our brand connect with the right people in the right places - which really means being creative and bringing Zane Barlas into the heart of new markets.
Our objective is to communicate a powerful and distinctive message drawing on the best talent and quality resources by partnering with local, regional and international influencers.
For any requests concerning public relations please write us to the following email address:


Vogue Italia Magazine

Zane Barlas brought us tailored men’s suits coupled with cultural influence from the middle east.


Kim Andersson

Men's fashion Instagrammer, Kim Andersson is seen here wearing a custom Zane Barlas Manhattan suit.

Discover the Manhattan Fit

Men's Fashion For Hope

Zane Barlas partnered with Josh Bogert (actor), Elias Theodorou (UFC fighter), Brennan Clost (Actor & Dancer), and more for a special charitable fashion show to raise fund for The Kol Hope Foundation for children. All proceeds are donated to the SickKids Hospital via the Kol Hope Fund at SickKids to help improve the condition and lives of children with congenital diseases. The mission of The Kol Hope Foundation for children is to show love, compassion and support for all children with disabilities.


Toronto Life Magazine

"Toronto-based brand Zane Barläs makes bespoke suits with modern twists—and proves that plaid vests can indeed be cool.

In an ode to The Beatles, the designer showcased a Fab Four–inspired look that layered a black turtleneck under a bold dress shirt and double-breasted blazer."

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